Ulita’s Loom

Since 2007 I have been producing handwoven natural textiles on my countermarch loom on the Atlantic island of Gran Canaria. I use high quality natural materials, such as silk, wool and linen, dyed in a wide range of natural colours to express  my artistic sensitivity.

 As a specialist in natural dyes, I hand dye my wool and silk products using local plants and the cochineal bug, which was introduced to the Canary Islands in the 19th century and feeds on the prickly pear cactus. I combine the colours obtained with this method to reflect my love for and sensitivity to  the natural landscape of the Canary Islands.

The dyeing and weaving are slow and meticulous processes resulting in textiles which possess an extraordinary richness in texture and colour. With dedication and passion, I then transform them into unique garments, accessories and household furnishings.

Islas Púrpuras

Islas Púrpuras, Purple Islands, is my creative holidays` project, where I offer individual weaving classes and natural dye activities.

Weaving is one of the most ancient handicrafts of humankind. In our accelerated times, hand weaving has taken on a new role as a meditative activity which allows you to focus completely on the here and now.

Learning the use of natural dyes can stimulate your curiosity about history and the nature of our environment as well as our culture.

If you decide to take part in this project, I guarantee that you will not only enjoy a singular artistic experience, but you will leave with a unique memento created with your own hands from local natural products. Would you like to join me?


Weaving courses for beginners:

• project planning
• selection of materials
• preparation of warp and dressing the loom
• the weaving process and finishing

Natural dye courses:

• the fibres
• mordanting
• natural dye materials
• the history of purple dyes in the Canaries
• safety and sustainability
• the practice of dyeing wool and silk


Ulrike Güse  ı  +34 629 952 119  ı  info@ulitasloom.com